That Level Again (F2P, Android)

That level again‘ is a platformer that is a puzzle game with only one (!) level to play through. Sounds interesting, right? 🙂

With a very minimalistic graphic scenario, only one level to design, the developers of this game had a lot of time to think of things to make you go ‘aahhh.. dang, I should have seen that right away’, and then look quickly over your shoulder to see if anyone noticed.

This is the entire game layout! Only one platform to go….

This might sound like I’m a bit sarcastic and trying to ‘pull the game down’ but its quite the opposite. This is a gem of a game if you like puzzles. Some of the solutions are so ‘far fetched’ that I suspect that the developers here had something to do with ‘Monkey Island’ back in the days, and everything from the simple menu to settings on your phone itself might help you get through that $£@£€@ door…

This is a free game, so get it downloaded and test it out for yourself.

You only risk loosing a couple of fistful of hair from your head when you have tried whatever that came to mind for the last hour or so, and then realise you just had to dim the light on the phone itself to get to the next challenge… 🙂