Mobile Games (info)

Hello Everyone!

Almost every game I have written about on this site is for the PC gaming platform, mostly because that is the platform I play the games on. I have been thinking of adding a section on this site for mobile games too, and this page is an attempt to give you some good choices in games you can play on your mobile platform.
I’m not a fan of the apple stuff though, so all these reviews will be based on Android games from the Play Store there.

Categories for the games in this section are following the genre’s from the frontpage, but there will also be a few others items here with tags like ‘educational’, ‘kids approved’, ‘story’ and other genres more suited for the mobile platform.

  • F2P – Free to Play

  • IP – Ingame buy to win

    Hope ya will like this section, and please give me feedback if you got any, either as a comment on this site or through my email address:

    Due to the backend system of this site, this page will not be a part of the ‘recently added posts’ on the frontpage, and will not show up in the RSS feed or similar stuff (as far as I know), so please come back from time to time to see if there is new content on this particular page.

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    – Grym.